Wind Kommunik@tion


Sprogteknologi - Language Technology
Fri online læsning
Free Website Translation
Chinese Translation
Aquarius sprogportal
  Babylon oversætterportal
Corel Catalyst, interactive localization environment
GramTrans Grammarsoft ApS plus Kaldera Språkteknologi AS
Human language technologies for Europe

  Inttranet oversætterdatabase
Language Technology Resources -
Language tools
CLOUT (Controlled Language Optimized
for Uniform Translation
Translation standards
Google language tools
Lingo on-line translation, fujitsu, transtar, proMT



Lingo to English / English to Lingo Lucid'i.t.

Mobil e-læring for ordblinde - Melfo Multitrans pro - corpusbased translation tools
Online translation
Oversættelsessystemer, translation memory

 Déjà Vu X

PageBull - visual search engine
RC-Wintrans Lite Edition
Skribent og Forskningsprogrammet Grim - Sverige

  Speech Technology
Stargate A/S

Stavekontrol - Orangoo spell check  

Dragon Naturally Speaking


Talestyring Prolog

Terminotix, computer tools for Termplus (Terminology Management Tool - former Danterm for Windows) Tolken97
Trados Translation Portal translation
Translation Office Manager TransSearch, bilingual concordancer  
Web Word System Windows Live Translator WordChamp language toolbar
 allows users to see translations for difficult words and hear words pronounced by native speakers, simply by pointing at words on foreign language websites. It supports most world languages and is already in use in over 70 countries.
 Wordfast Wordfast translation memory engine Wordfinder
  World Lingo Computer translation
Yahoo-translator Tyskland Översättningsrobot

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